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  Term 1 & 2 Term 3 & 4 Term 5 & 6
Year 7 Project One: What is Art?
Project Two: Shoes
Project Three: Colour
Project Three: Colour continued (lockdown)
Project Four: Natural Forms
Project Five: Elements of Art
Year 8 Project One: What is Art?
Project Two: Still Life
Project Three: Charcoal Portraits
Project Four: Mexican Day of the Dead
Project Five: Lockdown Life
Project Five: Lockdown Life
Year 9 Project One: What is Art?
Project Two: Graffiti
Project Three: Still Life Painting
Series of Short Projects
Project Four: Surrealism
First Portfolio Project
Project Five: Save the Planet
Second Portfolio Project​​​​​​​
Links to Schemes of Learning documents will be added as relevant throughout the year. Project titles may be subject to change.