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Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to create confident students who develop Knowledge and strategies for lifelong learning: students who can communicate themselves with flair, confidence and creativity through their enjoyment of drama.

We focus on the following areas:


In the pursuit of excellence, students will learn to evaluate and improve their own work to reach their potential, even when feeling challenged.


Everything we do is about teamwork: developing skills in cooperation, empathy and tolerance.


Students will develop their imagination and creativity whilst devising original drama, interpreting Scripts and design for theatre. We nurture talent and encourage students to realise their high potential.


Allowing students to express themselves in their own unique way with no restrictions. To feel that the class acts as a safe space for them to communicate openly and honestly.  

These key concepts in drama are skills driven. These are personal traits which can be relied upon for a student to succeed, not only in drama lessons, but beyond school life in future employment. There is more to drama than being able to perform on stage.

Throughout the key stages, opportunities are embedded for students to be able to perfect and develop their performance skills but equally important is the ability to understand the purpose of the theatre we make. Methodologies of theatre practitioners are introduced throughout the key stages to enable the students not only to re-enact but to shape their own unique ideas with a greater understanding of the need for style, intention and theatrical form and to learn to celebrate individual and unique perspectives. Our students are enthusiastic learners and thrive when developing independent performances that require them to apply the knowledge of particular drama strategies.

Drama is accessible to all students and we currently offer it as an option subject at both GCSE and A level. The course content has a varied mix of practical and academic challenges that includes set text investigations on the Greek Play Lysistrata by Aristophanes and Expressionistic plays such as Machinal by Sophie Treadwell. The context of the set texts and the topics we cover allows us to promote cultural capital within the department. It also allows us to push our most able students academically. SEND and disadvantaged students have the opportunity to thrive in this subject as the practical elements of the course allow them to explore more creative ways to learn, develop and embed knowledge.

Key Documents 

Click the link below for a detailed overview of the core knowledge and skills covered in Drama:

Drama Knowledge Sequencing

In Years 7-9 work is assessed against Learning Pathways. Click the link below for the Learning Pathway descriptors against which work is judged: