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Business Studies

Curriculum Intent

We aim to create the very best business students, who engage with the world around them and want to make it a better place. The aim of the business curriculum is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge needed to develop their entrepreneurial, commercial and employability skills and identify business problems and opportunities.

We do this by quality-first teaching, which ensures students understand underlying business theory that students apply to a variety of familiar and unfamiliar case studies. We want students to be able to think analytically, reach logical conclusions based on their effective interpretation of data, and make judgements strategic and tactical business decisions.

Our curriculum goes far beyond what is taught in lessons, for whilst we want students to achieve the very best results possible, we believe our curriculum goes beyond what is examinable.

Our curriculum supports the aims of the school. Students are constantly challenged to work collaboratively and develop curiosity when engaging in all lessons and class debates.

Through teacher modelling, we encourage our students to demonstrate respect for all, politeness and tolerance in lessons. We create and collate lesson materials that are engaging, promote topical discussion and encourage students to develop an enquiring mind. We believe that the Business curriculum is a knowledge-based curriculum and that this knowledge underpins and enables the development of application skills and the ability to evaluate a variety of arguments to reach an informed judgement.

Cultural capital is embedded throughout the curriculum. Our students are constantly introduced to a wide variety of viewpoints from some of the most influential entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout history. We investigate the impact that their work has had on the world we live in and students are encouraged to make links between their studies and real-life examples. Students undertake this whilst developing an increased understanding into current events happening globally. In addition to our aims, our curriculum design includes revisiting and building on existing knowledge. We ensure the level of challenge is sufficient for the most able, with scaffold and support available for students who may need it.

Key Documents 

Click the link below for a detailed overview of the core knowledge and skills covered in Business Studies:

Business Studies Knowledge Sequencing