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Old Girls Association


The OGA association was primarily formed in order that pupils and staff leaving the school would have a means of retaining contact with each other.

The association also provides a number of named prizes to pupils at the awards evenings.

In addition to the annual prizes, the association was bequeathed a sum of money by Miss Helen Vidal, a former long serving head teacher of the school. This legacy was to be invested and the interest on the fund was used each year to give financial assistance to selected pupils going on to University.


The association is managed by a committee which comprises of four elected Honorary Offices consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer plus the editor of the Newsletter and up to ten other elected members.

The committee meets approximately four times a year and organises the annual meeting, which takes place in the Autumn School term. It is usually held in school and Mrs Smith, the present head teacher, very kindly gives an address to update all the members attending of the activities taking place in school.

Annual Meeting 

If you would like to attend the next annual meeting or use it as a venue for a reunion you will be very welcome. The invitation can be obtained from the OGA Secretary at the email address below.

Why Join?

We all know that in this day and age you all keep in touch via your mobiles, Facebook, Skype, etc but why not meet up occasionally and enjoy each other’s company? It may not be now or even in the next few years, but eventually, you might wonder what happened to your friends. In joining the Association, you are continuing a long tradition, and you know you will always have a means of contact. You could arrange a whole class reunion at the Summer lunch. Give it a go! You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

Membership is open to all former pupils and staff of the school formerly known as Kesteven and Sleaford High School for Girls. An application form for free membership is at this link.

Useful Contacts