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Leave of Absence Requests

Request for Absence in School Time

Guidance Notes

  1. Subject teachers are expected to deliver the school curriculum within a tight time scale, and the absence of students during term time has a detrimental effect on learning.
  2. Parents/Carers do not have an automatic right to take a child from school. Permission must be obtained in advance.
  3. If authorised absence is requested, details of the absence and the family’s circumstances should be submitted in writing in advance. Parents/Carers must also state the exceptional circumstances for requesting their child to take such time off school.
  4. If a student is kept away for longer than the period agreed the additional time will normally be treated as unauthorised. Similarly, if a child is taken away without prior written permission, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence.
  5. Your child will be expected to catch up with any work that they miss while away from school.

Any absence means that important schooling is missed. PLEASE consider the effect on your child's education of time off taken during term-time.