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Computer Science

Curriculum Intent

The internally developed KS3 curriculum covers the requirements of the National Curriculum POS and contains 4 main themes running throughout the 3-year KS3, with further optional study in KS4 and KS5: 

  • Using technology safely, responsibly and with a consideration of others, organisational policies, and UK legislation. 
  • Using technology creatively in a range of relevant contexts, encouraging independence, reflection and digital literacy using a range of applications. 
  • Using technology skilfully by developing skills to support future study, work, and life in the modern world, including an awareness of hardware, software, information systems and cyber security. 
  • Developing an understanding of some of the underlying principles of Computer Science, with a focus on mathematical skills and programming, in preparation for future study of the subject. This will focus on applying the core computational methods (abstraction, decomposition and algorithmic thinking) to solve problems.   

Key Documents 

Click the link below for a detailed overview of the core knowledge and skills covered in Computer Science:

Computer Science Knowledge Sequencing

In Years 7-9 work is assessed against Learning Pathways. Click the link below for the Learning Pathway descriptors against which work is judged:

Computer Science KS3 Grade Descriptors