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DT - Food

Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide an enriching, encouraging yet challenging environment, incorporating a wide range of skills and materials to develop curiosity and creativity; to become independent, innovative, reflective problem-solving learners.

Students will develop creative, technical, and practical expertise to prepare them for the wider world. We aim to encourage them to be critical of their own work and that of others, through testing, the use of evaluation and the application of analytical tools to carry out such critiques.

In both Food & Textiles Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising, and capable citizens. Within Food, students will develop an understanding of nutrition, a balanced diet, how the ingredients combine scientifically, and we will instil a love of food which will enable them to continue their studies whilst enabling them to feed themselves and others with a clear awareness of affordability, provenance, and sensory awareness.

On progression into KS4 & KS5, we provide the students the opportunity to specialise more closely to a material area of their choice whilst demonstrating prior learning in all the materials and skills already developed throughout KS3.

All students are encouraged to celebrate their independence, cultures and beliefs through their design, creativity and planning for work and selection of materials to work with. As a subject area which encourages students to learn from modelling and inaccuracies to be reflective of, and to build resilience and confidence from this learning.

Key Documents 

Click the link below for a detailed overview of the core knowledge and skills covered in Design and Technology:

Design and Technology Knowledge Sequencing