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Vision and Strategy

Strategic Intent 

Educating students of today for the society of tomorrow 

It is our ambition that all students leave Kesteven and Sleaford High Schoolhaving achieved their academic potential, as well as being fully prepared for their next stage in education or work, and having acquired an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. 

We aim to provide opportunities at all levels for developing the character of students and developing their potential through their participation in a wide range of educational experiences. This is provided by committed and well qualified staff who strive for best practice, evidence-based pedagogy and excellent learning outcomes for all students. A  sense of community based on shared values of respect, commitment and trust remains a key focus.  

Our intent is to consistently build upon the school’s achievements, utilising the school’s current strengths to develop, whilst recognising opportunities and potential threats. This will enable us to realise our vision of creating a learning community in which every girl in Years 7-11, and all our students in our co-educational, shared Sixth Form can achieve their potential; intellectually, socially and personally, in a mutually supportive environment. 

Our values guide our direction in the quality of learning, curriculum development, personal development of students, promotion of the best behaviours and attitudes to learning, professional development of staff, and in building for the future. 

Our Aims 

Kesteven and Sleaford High school aims to foster students’ academic and extra-curricular success and empower all members of the school community to reach their potential. 

We aim to: 

  • cultivate resilient and confident young people who are resourceful and reflective learners, fully prepared for adult life and the world of work
  • provide the highest quality learning experiences and expect the highest standards of work and behaviour
  • maintain a safe, caring and happy environment in which all students and staff feel valued and cared for.  

Our Values 

The school and Trust values are based upon the core values of 

  • Respect – for the individual, for the school and for the community
  • Commitment - We believe that every student has a right to the highest standards of teaching and learning in a caring, supportive and nurturing learning environment. We want our students and staff to commit to being the best they can be
  • Trust - we place great emphasis on our relationships with our students, with our parents, and with the wider community.  

We encourage diversity in beliefs and ideologies and the qualities of honesty, tolerance, integrity, humility, equity and generosity are paramount to fostering these relationships.  

Our Vision 

Kesteven and Sleaford High school is proud to be part of the Robert Carre Trust and a partner in the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form where every learner is valued. At the heart of the local community, our values continue to encourage diversity, and promote inclusion within a selective setting, adding value to learners’ educational experiences. We will continue to work with local schools and partners in education, health, the arts and business, to extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom, promoting collaboration, aspirational futures and lifelong learning. 

Our students will be caring citizens who respect themselves and others, used to being consulted and listened to. They should take pride in themselves and their school, respecting British Values and taking all opportunities to develop personally. They should be contributors to the cultural life of the school and community, participating in, and leading the diverse range of extended opportunities made possible by the energy and enthusiasm of staff. 

Students should see themselves as effective communicators and participants in their own learning. They are users of modern technologies, extending their learning beyond the classroom. They should be equally confident as independent or team workers and able to apply transferable skills in our rapidly changing world. 

Students will receive quality advice and guidance so they can make informed choices. The curriculum will allow them to keep future aspirations available for as long as possible and takes account of students’ abilities, needs and ambitions. 

The school’s investment in its staff adds value to the school and its students. All colleagues should see themselves as lifelong learners, looking for opportunities to improve their practice and supporting others to do the same. All colleagues should be confident and reflective practitioners, happy to work within a culture of accountability. They will feel able to identify and remove barriers to learning and engage in partnerships with parents and carers to maximise learner potential. 

Staff teams will actively seek ways to deliver up-to-date educational thinking, constantly reviewing and analysing school performance. They will foster a safe, healthy and stimulating environment, where learners enjoy and achieve. All members of the school community should believe in the school’s capacity to learn, develop and improve. 

Expectations of self and others will be high and contribute to the aim of providing learning for life and achievement for all through support, challenge and positive relationships. 

Management systems will support staff, empower students and inform parents. 

Our School Development Plan 

Our school development plan outlines the key areas of focus to enable realisation of our Trust and school vision. It is written annually and reviewed termly. It is underpinned by linked department development plans, our staff Continual Professional Development (CPD) plan and our financial management planning. Our Trust Vision and values can be viewed here Robert Carre Trust - About

Our Strategy  

Quality of Education 


To ensure that all students achieve their potential through best practice teaching and learning. 

  • Embed a widespread culture of best practice in teaching and learning through our Teaching and Learning Communities work, our Quality Assurance practices, and our CPD offer  
  • Set staff and students high expectations and offer challenge and support to attain them.  
  • Keep the curriculum under review to ensure that it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of future generations 
  • Continue to build the capacity of the teaching staff to cater for individual student’s learning differences and abilities.

Behaviour and Attitudes  


Support good attendance by all students and ensure that behaviour is conducive to best learning for all students.  

  • Clear routines and expectations for the behaviour of students across all aspects of school life, not just in the classroom
  • A strong focus on attendance and punctuality, especially for those student groups where non-attendance is flagged so that disruption is minimised
  • Implementation of behaviour and attendance policies with clearly defined consequences that are applied consistently and fairly by all staff
  • Foster  a positive and respectful school culture in which staff know and care about pupils, creating an environment in which pupils feel safe, and in which bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual violence – online or offline – are not accepted and are dealt with quickly, consistently and effectively whenever they occur. 

Personal Development  


Ensure that all students feel safe, valued and cared for; they subscribe to British Values and have the knowledge they need to develop into responsible, respectful and active citizens who can play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults.

  • Embed a shared and consistent understanding of KSHS policy and practice across the whole school, including safeguarding, developing a culture where all members of staff embrace their collective responsibility to encourage and inspire all the young people in our charge
  • Develop, map, quality assure and review our wider personal development curriculum and ensure staff appreciate their accountable role in its delivery
  • Encourage students’ participation in the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities we provide
  • Use our Wellbeing strategy and our KSHS ‘five tiers of mental health support’ to develop students’ confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy
  • Roll out our planned RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) strategy including the use of older students, to promote age-appropriate understanding and knowledge in all our students
  • Support the induction of our CIEAG lead and PSHE coordinator  

Leadership and Management 


Ensure that there is consistent high-quality leadership at all levels to enable delivery of the school vision. 

  • Embed high quality monitoring and accountability processes, including clear management structures and clear scheme of delegation at Governance level
  • Develop the Local Governing Tier’s ability to make a significant contribution to the work of the school
  • Ensure high quality professional development for all staff and governors
  • Implement an effective recruitment and appointment process for all staff
  • Develop succession planning at all levels
  • Ensure clearly defined high standards and a shared understanding of accountability to provide autonomy, challenge and support for all leaders