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Curriculum Intent

The Curriculum in German at Kesteven and Sleaford High School intends to enable all pupils in all Year Groups and of all abilities and needs to communicate with speakers of the language about topics which are within their experiences, both in speech and in writing, by developing knowledge about the language’s structures, uses and idiosyncrasies. 

The Curriculum in German aims to continually increase pupils’ confidence in using the language to express their ideas and thoughts about different themes with increasing grammatical accuracy. It also intends to develop pupils’ appreciation of a different way of thinking through exposure to authentic materials and a range of experiences, thus increasing their appreciation of a familiar but different European culture and respect for differences which are key British Values.

The German Curriculum intends to develop pupils’ curiosity about the world, to enable them to become global citizens and to explore social issues which they otherwise may not encounter due to our rural location. The normal extra-curricular offer at Kesteven and Sleaford High School is augmented by the contributions of the German department to the Modern Foreign Languages’ Variety Club and through the opportunity to participate in a range of overseas visits which intend to take learning inside the classroom into the world.

Finally, the Curriculum aims to provide appropriate and relevant preparation for further study of the language and related cultures, engendering a love of learning and enabling pupils to fulfil their academic and personal potential.