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Uniform Policy - Years 7-11

Blazer Green school blazer with badge. Blazers are to be worn correctly with sleeves rolled down. Blazers must be worn when walking around the school but can be removed in lesson with the teacher’s permission. Blazers cannot be replaced by jumpers.
Skirt Tartan school pleated skirt. Skirts should be worn at the knee. Any skirt that no longer fits a student (i.e. is too short) should be replaced. Skirts should not be rolled up.
 Trousers Plain grey, tailored and formal.
Jumper Black V-neck. Can be worn underneath in addition to (not instead of) a school blazer. Cardigans or hoodies are not permissible.
Shirt / blouse White long or short sleeved with collar must be worn with a school tie and with the top button secured, sleeves should not be rolled up and must be tucked into skirt or trousers. Or a revere collared blouse, plain white, short-sleeved, open neck (no tie) sleeves should not be rolled up.
Tie Green school tie. Must be worn with a white collared (long or short-sleeved) shirt and with the top button secured. Must be a suitable length, i.e. not too short or long.
Shoes Formal, plain, black leather or simulated leather with low heel. No boots (including ankle boots) can be worn. Plimsolls or trainers are not acceptable.
Tights Black or green
Socks Plain black or green (ankle) socks, no other colour socks are permissible. Socks with frills or other embellishments are not allowed.
Bag A strong, medium-sized bag should be used to carry equipment.
Hair No extremes of style (e.g. unnatural colouring or excessively short). Hair ornaments should be discrete in size, design and colour, including hairbands. A headdress worn for religious reasons must be black, green or white and nonpatterned.
Jewellery Permitted:
1 pair of ear-studs
1 ring
1 wristwatch
School badges only 

Not Permitted:
Nose piercings
Eyebrow piercings
Ear tunnels, tapers or tragus
Lip / Mouth piercings
Bracelets (including charity bracelet)

Year 7, 8 and 9 No make-up, including the use of foundation / nail polish

Year 10 & 11 Light foundation, mascara and subtle eyeliner. Clear nail polish permitted

PE Kit

The majority of school PE kit items can now be purchased from the suppliers below and carry the school badge and name.

  • Black Polo Shirt with school logo
  • Black Hoody with school logo

Coats should not be worn in PE lessons, but additional layers such as a base layer may be worn underneath the Polo Shirt and Hoody for warmth

Available from any sportswear stockist

  • Plain black running leggings – no logos or markings OR plain black joggers/sweatpants – no logos or markings
  • Black self-stripe football shorts
  • Sports Trainers – non-marking, supportive sole. Flat sole fashion trainers for example Converse, Air Force One or Vans style should not be worn.
  • Black football or Sports socks
  • Hockey / Football Boots (compulsory for health and safety reasons)
  • Hockey Shin Pads / Football Shin Guards (compulsory for health and safety reasons)
As part of their uniform, a small House Colour badge can be purchased from Mrs Fleming, at the cost of £1, at the beginning of the school year.

Uniform is available at:

Unfortunately, SJB Uniforms are no longer supplying uniforms but other suppliers are being investigated.