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Physical Education

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Year 10 Musculoskeletal & Cardiorespiratory Systems

Practical: Badminton
Cardiorespiratory System & Effects of exercise

Practical: Badminton
Movement Analysis & Components of Fitness

Practical: Netball/Dance*
Physical Training 

Practical: Netball/Dance*
Sports Psychology

Practical: Athletics/Tennis
Sports Psychology & NEA introduction

Practical: Athletics/Tennis​​​​​​​
Year 11 Sports Psychology

Practical: Athletics/Badminton​​​​​​​
Participation, Commercialisation & NEA completion

Practical: Athletics/Badminton
Participation, Performance Enhancing Drugs & Hooliganism

Practical: Netball*/Assessments**
Exercise, Obesity & Nutrition

Examination preparation and reinforcement of understanding  
Links to Schemes of Learning documents will be added as relevant throughout the year. Project titles may be subject to change.