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Pastoral Care

Once at school, students join a tutor group of 30, which will be their form group until the end of Year 11. This tutor group will be attached to the House System. Tutors often stay with the tutor group for more than one year; they therefore get to know their pupils very well. Tutors are responsible for day-to-day administration of form matters and for monitoring of general behaviour and progress of students in the tutor group; they should be the first point of contact for parents/guardians who have any queries or concerns about their child. Alternatively, the appropriate Head of Year has an overview of each student’s progress and may be able to assist.

One of the Assistant Head Teachers, Mrs D Collett, is responsible for the pastoral system and is available to support staff and parents where necessary. She is the school’s designated child protection teacher who, with the Head Teacher, represents the school in serious pastoral issues which involve outside agencies. The school works closely with external agencies where appropriate to support students with particular difficulties.