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Mathematics KS3 Schemes of Learning

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 Code Breaking Calculations with integers, directed numbers & decimals Polygons and symmetry Perimeter and Area (not circles) Algebra basics Factors, multiples & prime numbers Fractions basics Probability Maths in the World Unit conversion BIDMAS Rounding Powers and roots Circles Balance equations Coordinates & drawing straight line graphs Sequences Angles: drawing & measuring Fractions, decimals and % Averages and statistical diagrams Proportion Construction Powers and roots Graphs from equations Pythagoras’ theorem basics
Year 8 Primes, Factors and Multiples Expressions and identities Area and perimeter Straight line graphs Proportion Operations with fractions Averages – frequency tables Angle facts Bearings using angle facts Drawing and interpreting statistical graphs % increase and decrease Constructions Forming and solving equations Circles Scale diagrams, plans and nets. Drawing & measuring bearings Missing angles in polygons Pythagoras’ theorem Ratio Sequences Volume Probability Congruency Transformations Factorising
Year 9 Expanding and factorising Solving linear and quadratic equations Area and perimeter including circles % increase, decrease, repeated % change Probability & Venn diagrams Polygons; exterior and interior angles Compound measures Standard form Changing the subject of a formula Pythagoras’ theorem (3D) and trigonometry Parallel and perpendicular lines Recurring decimals to fractions Questionnaires & statistical charts Constructing angles and triangles Sequences: arithmetic and quadratic Volume and surface area Compound interest Inequalities GCSE skills preparation: Circle theorems Surds Ratio Transformations
Links to Schemes of Learning documents will be added as relevant throughout the year. Project titles may be subject to change.