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Mathematics KS3 Schemes of Learning

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 Code Breaking Calculations with integers, directed numbers & decimals Polygons and symmetry Perimeter and Area (not circles) Algebra basics Factors, multiples & prime numbers Fractions basics Probability Maths in the World Unit conversion
Balance equations
Coordinates and graphs, Sequences, Angles Fractions, decimals and % Averages and statistical diagrams Proportion Construction Powers and roots Graphs from equations Pythagoras’ theorem basics
Year 8 Primes, Factors and Multiples Expressions and identities Area and perimeter Straight line graphs Proportion Operations with fractions Averages – frequency tables Angle facts Bearings using angle facts Drawing and interpreting statistical graphs % increase and decrease Constructions, Forming and solving equations, Circles, Scale drawings Missing angles in polygons Pythagoras’ theorem Ratio Sequences Volume Probability Congruency Transformations Factorising
Year 9 Expanding and factorising Solving linear and quadratic equations Area and perimeter including circles % increase, decrease, repeated % change Probability & Venn diagrams Polygons; exterior and interior angles Compound measures Number forms Changing the subject of a formula Pythagoras’ theorem (3D) and trigonometry Graphs, Decimals, Statistical charts, Constructions Sequences: arithmetic and quadratic Volume and surface area Compound interest Inequalities GCSE skills preparation: Circle theorems Surds Ratio Transformations
Please note whilst every effort is made to ensure the website information reflects the curriculum studied at KSHS we recognise that a school curriculum and the order of delivery is always under regular review.  If you are working with one of our students who are dual registered please contact the appropriate Head of Year to confirm termly details are correct.