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Curriculum Intent

The mathematics curriculum at KSHS follows the secondary national curriculum, but looks for opportunities to extend students’ knowledge and experience of maths when it is clear their knowledge is secure. It aims to introduce abstract concepts using the student’ secure knowledge of number, and supporting students in connecting the mathematics inside the classroom to that in the ‘real world’.

We recognise that our students arrive in Year 7 from a large number of feeder primaries with varying degrees of maths knowledge and experience. As a result, to secure a strong foundation of knowledge for all Year 7, they are taught in form groups not sets. The KS2 strategy is beginning to impact the knowledge the students are arriving with and as a department the focus in numeracy topics is evolving to ensuring students understand the why of the processes they have learnt, and a bigger focus on introducing many geometry and data elements. Key Stage 3 students revisit topics built into the SOW with increased setting throughout the year groups prior to starting GCSE Mathematics. A focus on depth of understanding rather than volume of content is placed on progressing higher ability students, with rich challenge tasks opportunities included. The aim is that by the end of Year 9 students are successful in having enough secure knowledge in the five strands of mathematics to then be able to apply it.

The Key Stage 4 SOW ensures strong number and algebra skills are established to then build up students’ knowledge further into Year 11 where the highest-level topics are studied, by the top sets, which require the linking of knowledge from other topics; revision time is then available.

Our students are highly aspirational with many continuing their studies of maths into Key Stage 5. The curriculum is designed to support independent learning and expand their joy of mathematics to new realms of statistics and mechanics applications. It prepares and fuels their desire to study further at University or further study.

The mathematics curriculum at KSHS provides a journey of knowledge for understanding the world through the ability to:

  • Reason mathematically and instil a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject
  • Ensure all learners become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and frequent practice;
  • Reason mathematically following a line of enquiry, forming conjectures and generalisations,
  • Develop an argument, justification or proof;
  • Solve problems by having the knowledge to break them down into a sequence of steps,
  • Demonstrate resilience, persevering in seeking solutions.