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Curriculum Intent

Students in History will:

  • Understand their place in the world through studying History which they feel reflects them.
  • Will understand the current condition of the world through studying a variety of local, national, and international History.
  • Will be exposed to a range of new ideas/beliefs/attitudes.

This will create a life-long love or appreciation of the subject.

As a department, we want to ensure that all students reach their academic potential whilst fostering a life-long love of History. We want our students to develop their understanding of the world we live in, how it works and where society is going to go next. This includes the mistakes we have made as well as the successes throughout history. Our students thrive in a secure and open environment that provides stretch and challenge, whilst meeting the needs of all students, so they can confidently learn, discuss, process and retain what they have learnt.

There is a strong focus on developing an in-depth knowledge of societies in the past, local, national, continental and worldwide. There is particular focus on using second-order concepts to examine the diversity of attitudes and beliefs; cultural, moral and spiritual development and the way in which societies have been governed. There is emphasis on knowledge trends and patterns across periods of history to show how we have developed as societies as well as the impact that individuals and turning points have had on the course of history. We also intend to put particular emphasis on the role of women in history and give our students knowledge of the barriers women have faced in the past and how they overcame them.

We aspire to help our students achieve places at top universities, including Oxbridge. We support students who want to become teachers and give them opportunities to gain experience in the classroom and have had students who have gone on to join History teacher training courses. It is one of our key aims to ensure that students leave us ready for the real world and have knowledge of the key skills taught across our courses that are needed to be successful in life.

We also believe very strongly about giving students opportunities to learn outside of the classroom by running various trips at home and abroad.

Key Documents 

Click the link below for a detailed overview of the core knowledge and skills covered in History:

History Knowledge Sequencing

In Years 7-9 work is assessed against Learning Pathways. Click the link below for the Learning Pathway descriptors against which work is judged: