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Curriculum Intent

We aspire to enable all learners to be enthusiastic and curious about the French-Speaking world and its language. As a Grammar school in rural Lincolnshire, our students may not have wider opportunities to engage with those of other cultures and appreciate their value in modern society. We intend for students to learn about Francophone customs, traditions and how difference is not something to be apprehensive of but rather appreciated.

The curriculum in French aims to give all learners the vocabulary and grammatical knowledge to communicate in the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking on topics that are within their own areas of experience and sometimes beyond. The French curriculum challenges all learners and is accessible to all abilities up to and beyond the Sixth Form.

Extra-curricular opportunities, whilst at the moment may be limited depending on restrictions, are also integral to the students experience of the French curriculum. Resilience, independence of thought and open-mindedness are key life skills that the French curriculum intends to build. The aim is to be enjoyable, challenging and to encourage students to ‘dig deep’ within their own resolve to succeed.