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Ethics & Philosophy

  Term 1 & 2 Term 3 & 4 Term 5 & 6
Year 10 GCSE Theme D: Religion, Conflict and Peace:
Violent protest and terrorism, reasons for war, use of weapons (WMD and Nuclear), the Just War theory and Islamic concept of Jihad, Holy war, Pacifism, religious responses to victims of war.
GCSE Christian Practices:
Different types of worship, prayer, the sacraments: baptism and eucharist, pilgrimage, festivals: Christmas and Easter and the role of the Church in the local community: Food banks, Street Pastors, mission and evangelism, reconciliation and persecution and the Church’s response to world poverty.
GCSE Theme B: 
Religion and Life:
Creation (Universe and human life) – Religion vs Science (big bang and evolution theories), the environment, animal rights, sanctity vs quality of life, abortion, euthanasia and death and the afterlife.
Year 11 GCSE Islam Practices:
Review of the differences between Sunni and Shi’a Islam, The Five Pillars: Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj, Festivals: Eid Ul-Fiter, Eid Ul-Adha and Ashura.
GCSE Theme A:
Relationships and Families: Human sexuality: heterosexual and homosexual, sexual relationships before and outside marriage, contraception and family planning, marriage, divorce and remarriage, the nature and purpose of families, beliefs about gender equality.
Revision and Exam
Links to Schemes of Learning documents will be added as relevant throughout the year. Project titles may be subject to change.