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Poetry Success for Year 9 writer

Chiara, 9APO, recently entered The Solstice Prize, a creative writing prize for 10-17 year olds run by Writing East Midlands. Her poem ‘The Clock’ received the distinction of being ‘highly commended’ and will be printed in the upcoming anthology, ‘The Solstice Prize for Young Writers’.

The Clock – Chiara

the ticking of a clock is an evil sound

the rhythm mocks me with its punctuality 

so belittling and cruel 

I wish it would stop 

I wish it’s harsh clicks would halt just for a moment 

so I may gather my thoughts and start to process the things that are happening around me 

the things I have no control over 

those are the things that scare me

the things that are so complex and other worldly I cannot even begin to comprehend what they mean 

but even if I did start to ponder on the consequences these things have on me

there is not enough time in a lifetime to finish one’s reflection 

so as the clock cackles it’s evil laugh

I am aware that there is not enough time to try to learn the things I will never understand. 


More details of this competition, and others can be found within the English Department.

Mr J Cassidy

Subject Leader - English