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Young Journalists! Celebrating our Work

As Young Journalists, we write articles on all subjects, and we interview teachers, students, and visitors for their fascinating opinions. We meet every Thursday during Break 2 to discuss projects and edit our articles.

Recently, we celebrated our first article of the year: ‘Top Tips to Get Organised’ by Lilly-Rose Harris of 8F. Lilly says that she hopes that her writing will encourage the Year 7s to get organised early on in their school career. It probably won’t hurt as a reminder to older students (and maybe even some teachers!) as well.

As Young Journalists, we have had a very busy year so far. We have been tracking the recent sports matches played by the Years 7, 8 and 9 - even visiting some of the matches to interview players from the opposition.

We have particularly enjoyed interviewing teachers in preparation for an article on International Women’s Day 2022. When asked which woman inspires her, Mrs Milnes replied, ‘Me! Part of my job is to inspire students, so I have to believe in myself first, don’t I?’ We couldn’t think of a better answer than that.

You can find our articles on

Keep an eye out for upcoming articles on the James Webb telescope and wellbeing!

Miss N Willers

Teacher of English