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Geography News

Year 10 ‘Earthquake’ talk

On Friday 19 November the Year 10 Geographers welcomed Mrs Rachel Enstone into their classrooms to listen to an informative presentation about living with earthquake hazards in Japan.

As part of their GCSE learning of tectonic hazards, the students’ focus on the study of the Tokyo earthquake and tsunami which affected Japan in 2011. Rachel was living in Japan at this time and was able to share her experiences of how earthquakes are monitored and how people and authorities are advised to prepare and plan for them. She also referred to the impacts of the earthquake, both short and long term. The students enjoyed hearing a genuine first-hand account of what it is like to live in an earthquake region and made useful notes to support their case study knowledge for their GCSE Geography examination. Our thanks go to Rachel for this relevant and most interesting presentation!

Mrs S Livingstone

Subject Leader - Geography