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Student Success - Kuk Sool Won

After months of training and practise, on 2 June, Grace travelled to Norwich and took her first test for 2nd degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won and was successful. This was a test of her physical and mental endurance, under the constant assessment of 5th and 6th degree Masters and lasted for 3 hours. It covered the full syllabus of forms, techniques and weapons and included advanced kicking. This test now starts her two-year journey where she will learn advanced techniques and forms (including weapons) before she can take her final test and be promoted.

On 3 June, Grace competed at the European Kuk Sool Won Championship and also took part in the Masters Demonstration in Norwich. Grace competed at the rank of 1st Degree Black belt (Joh Kyo Nym) in the under 12 female division, across the categories of Sword, Staff, Form, Techniques and Sparring. Against strong competition, Grace was successful in winning gold in sparring, silver in Form and Staff form, bronze in Sword form and copper in techniques. Grace later went on to join the Masters Demonstration team, where, in front of a large number of spectators, she performed advanced techniques, and then closed the ceremony by joining the ‘Nak Bup’ (Break Fall) Team for a thrilling acrobatics display.

Well Done Grace!

Kuk Sool Won is a systematic study of all the traditional fighting arts, which together comprise the martial arts history of Korea. It is known for its comprehensive collection of combat techniques, in particular, an extensive set of offensive and defensive moves designed to take advantage of the human body’s pressure points. There are many elements of Kuk Sool Won which include: striking, kicking, throws, joint lock techniques, falling/acrobatics, body conditioning, meditation, animal-style techniques and weapons.