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Growth Mindset

Update: In order to save postage costs we are now presenting awards in school to students rather than posting them home. Parents will receive an email letting them know their child has been awarded a certificate. Do ask your child to see it!

Staff are invited to nominate students who have demonstrated a Growth Mindset in the past few weeks. This might have been in lessons, in clubs, in tutor time or simply around school. Please note we already award bi-annual subject badges and merits for good academic work, effort and improvement. These Growth Mindset nominations recognise those who show resilience (academic or otherwise); who aren’t afraid to get things wrong and learn from it; those who have a go, take themselves out of their comfort zone or show that even if a task is tough they will persevere. 

7 November - 18 November 2022
Student Form Staff Subject
Heidi Evans   7AH Mrs K Fairhead Science
Caitlyn Simpson   7APO Mr J Cassidy English
Faith Stokes  7APO Mrs J Stacey Physical Education
Boe Wills   7APO Mr J Cassidy English
Harriet Couzens   7HB Mr R Stone Science
Hope Davies  7HB  Mrs J Stacey Physical Education
Lilly Davis  7HB Mr G Bolton Mathematics
Evelyn Scarborough   7KR Miss J Nutt Pastoral
Minnie Hodson   7PA Miss P Adamson Pastoral
Anya Jenkinson   7PA Miss P Adamson Pastoral
Beth Kinnear   8A Mrs L Samworth German
Pheobe Elkington   8F Mrs S Livingstone Geography
Betsy Harris   8F Mrs S Livingstone Geography
Jiya Rani   8F Miss A Powell Science
Tilly Hughes   8L Mr L Rooke German
Roxy Moses   8L Mrs E Constantine History
Cisha Nash   8L Mrs B Fleming Technology
Katie Newitt   8L Mrs E Constantine History
Martha Turner   8W Mrs B Fleming Technology
Lucy Stokes  9F Mr A Shivas Pastoral
Hattie Newton   9L Mrs K Cowell English
Julia Nowak   9L Mrs K Brown Mathematics
Charlotte Suffield   9L Mrs K Cowell English
Hannah Scott Summers  9W Mrs K Brown Mathematics
Ava Tippings   9W Ms H Renard Mathematics
Abi Watt   9W Mrs K Brown Mathematics
Olivia Cepelak   10JC Mr S Mulligan Computing
Freya Dinsdale   10JC Mrs L Martin Biology
Bethany Fleet   10JC Mrs E Taylor Business Studies
Niamh O'Grady   10LM Ms A Natley English
Imogen Parke   10LM Mrs K Cowell English
Ruth Ryan   10LM Mr S Mulligan Computing
Jasmine Sanger Davies  10LM Mrs L Martin Biology
Lois Ayres  10LR Mrs K Ramsay Business Studies
Emily Henderson   10LR Mrs E Taylor Business Studies
Lexie Blankley   10MC Ms A Natley English
Erin Taylor   10MC Miss A Powell Science
Ashley Cox   11A Mrs L Samworth German
Clem Fawsitt-Jones  11F Miss S Chant Geography
Keira Gandy  11F Mrs Ramsay Business Studies
Eva Shaw   11W Mr L Rooke German
Aggie Webb  11W Miss S Chant Geography
Amelie Green   12A Mrs H Brooks Psychology
Lucy Blair   13L Mrs K Fairhead Biology
Lucy Croft   13L Mrs L Cook Chemistry
Holly Davidson   13L Mrs L Cook Chemistry
Charlotte Farrar   13L Mrs H Brooks Psychology