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Growth Mindset

Staff are invited to nominate students who have demonstrated a Growth Mindset in the past few weeks. This might have been in lessons, in clubs, in tutor time or simply around school. Please note we already award bi-annual subject badges and merits for good academic work, effort and improvement. These Growth Mindset nominations recognise those who show resilience (academic or otherwise); who aren’t afraid to get things wrong and learn from it; those who have a go, take themselves out of their comfort zone or show that even if a task is tough they will persevere.

Student Form Teacher Subject
Sophie Evans   7AH Miss K Duffy Mathematics
Elise Gadsby   7AH Mrs B Fleming Technology
Faith Stokes   7APO Mrs J Stacey Physical Education
Mila Adamson   7HB Miss J Nutt Pastoral
Sophie Aslin   7HB Mrs K Cowell English
Minnie Bowater   7HB Mr R Stone Science
Isabel Bury   7HB Mr R Stone Science
Harriet Couzens   7HB Miss K Duffy Mathematics
Hope Davies   7HB Mrs J Stacey Physical Education
Lilly Davis   7HB Mr G Bolton Mathematics
Emily McTiernan   7KR Mr B Mapletoft History
Scarlett Michie   7KR Mrs S Livingstone Geography
Hannah Quinton   7KR Mrs S Livingstone Geography
Evelyn Scarborough   7KR Mrs B Fleming Technology
Elikarisa Hill   7PA Mr S Mitchinson Music
Ellie Baldwin   8A Miss E Duckworth Science
Enya Coates   8A Miss E Duckworth Science
Niamh Ford   8F Mr L Rooke German
Annie Fox   8F Mrs A Hunt Physical Education
Izzy Jones   8L Ms A Natley English
Rubie Radford   8W Mr S Norris Science
Martha Turner   8W Mr B Mapletoft History
Sophie Tweddle   8W Mr L Rooke German
Elsie Avis   9A Mrs K Fairhead Science
Esme Blakemore   9A Mrs J Pankhurst Design and Technology
Evie Raraty   9A Mrs L Samworth German
Lizzy Frankish   9F Mr N Periam Science
Lilly Rose Harris   9F Ms H Renard Mathematics
Amelie Hickinbottom   9F Mr L Rooke German
Charlotte Holford   9F Mrs K Brown Mathematics
Felicity Lilliman   9F Mr N Periam Science
Eva Abdallah   9L Mrs J Pankhurst Design and Technology
Rosie Clark   10JC Mr N Periam Science
Lois Copeland   10JC Mrs K Fairhead Biology
Faith Dawson   10JC Mr B Mapletoft History
Eloise Field   10JC Mr N Periam Science
Amelia Gibbs   10JC Mr S Mitchinson Music
Caitlin Graves   10JC Mrs E Constantine Pastoral
Emily Harris   10JC Mrs E Constantine Pastoral
Alana Mcintosh   10KB Mrs E Taylor Business Studies
Olivia Valentine   10KB Mrs L Martin Science
Izzy Walker   10KB Mrs E Taylor Business Studies
Charlotte Webster   10KB Mr J Cassidy English
Penny Meadows   10LM Mr S Mulligan Computing
Denisa Pethoova   10LM Mr B Mapletoft History
Lois Ayres   10LR Mrs K Ramsay Business Studies
Mia Bradford   10LR Mr S Mulligan Computing
Jessica Lynch   10LR Mrs K Brown Mathematics
Eleanor Mears Sagoo  10LR Mrs K Cowell English
Amelia Barlow Hough  10MC Mr J Cassidy English
Tilly Maclean   10MC Mrs L Martin Science
Kasey Humphries   11A Mrs D Collett Geography
Clem Fawsitt Jones  11F Miss S Chant Geography
Amy Fulton   11F Ms A Natley English
Keira Gandy   11F Mrs K Ramsay Business Studies
Tabitha Hodson   11F Ms A Natley English
Hope Mussell   11L Mr S Norris Physics
Scarlett Nelson   11L Mrs D Collett Geography
Emma Purkis   11L Mrs L Cook Science
Jessica Revitt   11L Miss J Nutt Ethics and Philosophy
Emma Rock   11L Ms A Natley English
Meredith Rutland   11L Mr S Norris Physics
Alice Stanway   11W Mrs L Samworth German
Niamh Turner   11W Mrs D Collett Geography
Lucy Ward   11W Mrs L Cook Science
Aggie Webb   11W Miss S Chant Geography
Sophie Wenman   12A Miss S Chant Head of Year
Sophia Dale   12F Miss S Chant Geography
Willow Hanks   12L Miss S Chant Geography