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Year 11 Geography trip

On Wednesday 14 and Friday 16 September, the Year 11 Geography students visited North Norfolk. This was to develop our knowledge and understanding of coastal landforms and to facilitate our collection of primary data for the GCSE course.

The first destination was to Morston Quay. From here the group on Wednesday were able to participate on a boat trip to Blakeney point which is an example of a depositional landform called a spit.  We learned about the process of coastal transportation which is called longshore drift and the role of deposition in the formation of spit. The boat was amazing, and we saw loads of seals flopping around on the end of the spit, bathing in the sun, which was a real highlight!

Unfortunately, the Geographers who visited Norfolk on the Friday experienced extremely strong winds meaning the boat trip was cancelled. Instead, a visit was organised to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Cley Marshes. The students visited some hides in the reserve and learnt about salt marsh succession and its role in coastal management. There was also a quick visit to Cley Beach where huge destructive waves were depositing shingle.

In the afternoon we visited Hunstanton, also known as “Sunny Hunny”. Here we observed the iconic stripy sedimentary cliffs made of carstone and chalk. We learnt about the formation of the wave-cut platform at the base of the cliff. We then calculated the height of the cliff using a clinometer and trigonometry. We discussed the importance of coastal management and how and why the seaside town of Hunstanton should have sea defences.

Finally. we spent time measuring the height of the groynes along the beach comparing the north and south ends. We also measured the long axis of different pebble samples and categorised their angularity.

Overall, it was really enjoyable fieldtrip, particularly as after carrying out all of the data collection, we were allowed some free time to eat lots of doughnuts, chips and ice cream! A great end to our day in Sunny Hunny!

Ellie 11F


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