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'Ready, Steady, Cook'

On Wednesday 13 July, the Food Club organised and ran a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ competition for pairs of staff and students to take part in. This was a fun event which took place using a range of ingredients that had been donated by staff and students.

Each staff Chef had a Commis Chef (a student member of the food club), and together they produced an array of delicious foods. The challenge was having one hour and a quarter to produce a savoury and sweet dish. The ingredient list was issued at 9am the morning of the event, along with the name of the Chef and the Commis Chef.

It did become quite competitive, particularly amongst the History department! Everyone rolled up their sleeves, put on their aprons and cooked away.

Thank you to all those who took part. Mr Shivas described the event as ‘’his favourite day of the school year’’.

Mrs J Pankhurst

Subject Leader – Design Technology