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Wellbeing - Exam pressure and how to support your child

As Year 11 and Year 13 approach the more formal exams and assessments I thought it timely to share some resources that can help you support young people with inevitable exam pressure.

We know that stress is a normal part of life, but we also know that exams can place an additional pressure and are a stressful time for any young person. This can result in mood swings with outbursts more likely to occur during this period. Look out for other signs that your child may be struggling, including poor sleep patterns or a change in appetite or behaviour. It’s worth preparing ways of supporting your child during exam weeks and thinking about how you will react and respond on the day if they don’t get the result that they, or you, are hoping for. Here's some advice for both parents/carers and young people if it's all getting a bit too much.

Exam Stress | How To Deal with Exam Stress | YoungMinds

Good luck to all those sitting both internal and external exams in the coming weeks and months!