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Booster Jabs Reminder for 12-17 year olds

As we approach the Easter break and with schools finishing around the 1 April NHS Lincolnshire CCG is reminding all 12-15 year-olds and those aged 16 to 17 to get their second or booster jabs. 

“As we approach the bank holiday and with schools breaking up it is a great opportunity for young people to get their vaccination especially if you are planning a break away from home” said Rebecca Neno, Director of Covid and Influenza Vaccination Programmes, NHS Lincolnshire CCG.

“It is important that we continue to vaccinate our young people to protect them from serious illness and long covid but also because by protecting them it gives reassurance to any older family or grandparents that they may be visiting over the Easter break”

Anyone aged 16 and 17 or ‘at risk’ 12-15 year-olds who had their second vaccination 12 weeks ago are now eligible to book an appointment for their booster. In addition, those young people aged 12-15 who had their first vaccination 12 weeks ago are eligible to book an appointment for their second dose. Please remember that unlike adults who can be vaccinated 4 weeks after a covid infection, those aged 12-17 need to wait 12 weeks following a positive covid test before vaccination. 

‘To date 66% of 12-15 year-olds have come forward for a first vaccination in Lincolnshire but so far only 37% of those eligible have come forward for a second vaccination. To achieve maximum protection, it is important that the primary course, consisting of a first and second dose is completed’ adds Rebecca.

Appointments can be booked via the National Booking System or by calling 119, and a person that holds parental consent must accompany the 12-15 year old during their appointment.

For more information on where you can get your vaccination visit our website:

David Stacey PFPH, FRSPH, MPH

Public Health Programme Manager

Lincolnshire County Council