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Geography in Action

On 17 September, 73 Year 11 Geographers visited Hunstanton to collect primary data to present and analyse. These important data collection, presentation skills and analytical skills need practising for the unfamiliar fieldwork section of the GCSE paper 3.

The beach work included measuring groyne height on the beach to assess the impact of longshore drift, sampling pebbles for size and angularity, calculating cliff height using trigonometry and orange throwing in the sea to determine wave direction. The students conducted environmental quality surveys and footfall and traffic counts in the town. They also interviewed members of the public to find out viewpoints about whether the town centre should be pedestrianised.

Back in the classroom the students are processing the data by using a range of cartographical and graphical techniques to support their analysis.

Fortunately, the weather was sunny in ‘Sunny Hunny’ and the students enjoyed a day out of the classroom seeing Geography in action with the option of doughnuts at lunchtime.

Mrs S Livingstone

Subject Leader - Geography