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Wellbeing for All

This term’s theme for Wellbeing is Commitment.

We are asking students to consider what they would like to commit to this term to help them with their own wellbeing. We all know that to get better at anything we must commit to it. That could be committing and working hard with our schoolwork, a hobby or sports for instance. More importantly, we should also commit to our own mental wellbeing and emotional growth. Sometimes it can feel that we don’t have time to do this, but small changes on a regular basis can really make a difference. We have asked tutors to engage their tutees in a ‘Commitment Challenge’, asking them to commit to some new ways of thinking. The guide below gives some suggestions. We have asked students to write a commitment card and place it in a safe space in their tutor base, then to revisit this at the end of the term to see how they have done. Perhaps you could ask your child what they have ‘committed’ to?