Key Stage 4 - History

The GCSE in History offered at KSHSSA is in line with the OCR Schools History B qualification.

The specification gives candidates the opportunity to:

Course content

We will be studying OCR History B: Schools History Project.

The following options will be studied:

Year 10

The People’s Health – Medicine
c.1250 to the present day

Paper 1 – 1hr 45 mins
(40% of final grade)

The Elizabethans, 1580-1603

History Around Us – Lincoln Castle
(including a site visit)

Paper 2 – 1hr
(20% of final grade)

Year 11

Living Under Nazi Rule, 1933-1945

Paper 3 – 1hr 45 mins
(40% of final grade)

The Making of America, 1789-1900

All Papers will be examined in Year 11.

There is also an opportunity to visit Berlin in Year 11 to visit former Nazi sites in Berlin and a concentration camp.

The Making of America unit is linked to the USA 1865-1975 unit studied at A-Level.

Overview of the Course

The OCR Schools History Project has been running for over 40 years and believes that helping children and young people to understand themselves in time is a vital part of education. SHP promotes a history curriculum for all learners that is rigorous, engaging and inclusive. The Project provides a clear and distinctive voice for history in schools based on its belief that history should be a diverse and fascinating subject enjoyed by everyone.

The options we have chosen to study offer a holistic approach to learning about History through the ages. They cover a range of topics and issues that offer an excellent overview of the last 1000 years in Britain and around the world. We are sure you will enjoy learning about the options just as much as we enjoy teaching them!