Staff List - Teaching Staff

Mrs J Smith Head of School
Mrs D Collett Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral and Wellbeing, Teacher of Geography
Mrs L Moncur Associate Assistant Headteacher, Subject Leader - Business Studies
Mrs G White Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum, Teacher of Mathematics
Miss A Beckitt Subject Leader - French
Mrs S Bence Head of RCT Ethics & Philosophy
Mrs H Brooks Subject Leader - Psychology
Miss K Brown Second in Mathematics
Miss N Byrne Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Cassidy Subject Leader - English
Miss S Chant Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Geography
Mr M Clifford Teacher of Art
Mrs E Constantine Head of Year 10, Teacher of History
Mrs L Cook Progress Lead - Chemistry
Mrs K Cowell Second in English, Teacher of Drama
Mr D Dennis Subject Leader - History
Miss K Duffy Subject Leader - Mathematics, Professional Mentor
Mrs K Fairhead Teacher of Science
Mrs B Fleming Teacher of Textiles
Mrs A Hunt Head of Year 11, Teacher of PE
Mrs Heather K Subject Leader - Music Curricular
Mr P Letchworth Subject Leader - Art
Mrs S Livingstone Subject Leader - Geography
Mr B Mapletoft Teacher of History
Mrs L Martin Subject Leader - Science
Mrs M McGann Subject Leader - PE
Mrs T Milnes Teacher of Art
Mr S. Mitchinson Subject Leader - Music Extra Curricular
Mr S Mulligan Subject Leader - Computing
Miss A Natley Teacher of English
Mr S Norris Teacher of Science, STEM Leader RCT
Miss J Nutt Teacher of Ethics & Philosophy
Mrs J Pankhurst Head of Year 7, Subject Leader - Design Technology
Dr S Pawley Teacher of English and Drama
Mr N Periam Teacher of Science
Miss A Powell Teacher of Science
Mrs H Renard Teacher of Mathematics
Mr L Rooke Head of Year 9, Subject Leader - German
Mrs L Samworth Teacher of French and German
Mr A Shivas Teacher of French and German
Mrs J Stacey Teacher of PE
Mr R Stone Subject Leader - Physics
Mrs T Thomas Subject Leader - Drama
Mrs C Tipper Teacher of Mathematics
Miss N Willers Teacher of English