One of the reasons I chose the High School was that it offered A Level ‘Classical Civilisations’, which was not offered at any of the other Sixth Forms that I was considering. Moving schools was not a light decision, as after five years at school, you make friendships that are strong. However, moving to the High School did not mean that I lost contact with my old friends. Despite only vaguely knowing a handful of people when I started at KSHSSA, I was very quickly made to feel welcome, by both staff and students. The main difference was the ethos of the school which really encourages you to work hard and rewards effort as well as achievement. My teachers never judged me because I came from another school, and I always found them positive, encouraging and friendly. I am glad that I chose the High School because I have made many good friends and have achieved a place at university – something that I could not have foreseen two years ago.

One of the main reasons to why I decided to attend KSHSSA Sixth Form was because of the small community feel you get from coming to this school – you know that if you have any questions/problems with a subject or homework, you can easily approach a teacher and ask. I also liked the fact that I already knew my teachers, making the transition from GCSE to AS level studies much easier.