Results and Destinations

GCSE Results

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The results of our pupils are consistently excellent; at A2, main* subject entries average 63% in 2016 top grades of A*, A or B and 92% were C or above. 100% of A Level students achieved passes. These results place us in the top 200 schools nationally and make us one of the highest performing schools in Lincolnshire. This is a great achievement for the many young people who attend the school and is testament to the strong work ethic of all our students.

*As universities only include main subjects and do not include General Studies in their offers, we do not include it here as the route for the vast majority of our pupils is to apply to university. However, the subject is a full A-Level which enhances our pupils’ Curriculum Vitae and so we believe it to be a useful and valuable addition for all students when applying for employment.

The school results for key measures are:


Number of student included in the English progress measure (without at least an English GCSE grade C by end of key stage 4)


Number of student included in the maths progress measure (without at least a maths GCSE grade C by end of key stage 4)


Average progress made in maths by these students


Average A-level Grade


Average Academic Grade




The majority of our students leave us to attend Higher education institutions (87%). Students choose to attend a variety of institutions and last year 3 students went to Oxford/Cambridge whilst a further 18 opted for courses at prestigious Russell Group Universities.











8 students in 2016 chose not to attend university. One student has opted to go straight into employment whilst the remainder will apply after a gap year.