At KSHS we offer a number of different activities and trips which support the curriculum at various stages and enrich the students overall educational experience.

We believe learning can be extended and enriched beyond the classroom and therefore offer a range of opportunities to help our students experience different cultures, strengthen friendships and undertake personal challenges.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 there are several one day trips/events which support learning in various subjects.

Typical Key Stage 3 Enrichment Trips/Activities include:

  • Geography field trips to Norfolk Year 7,  
  • Skegness Year 8, Science – Zoo Lab for Year 7,
  • Salters Chemistry Competition Year 8,
  • RS trip to Beth Shalom – The Holocaust Centre,  
  • Year 7 Pantomime,
  • History - Roman Day,
  • Tudor day,  
  • Art Trip - Yorkshire Sculpture Park,
  • English - Young Journalists Academy workshops,
  • Design & Technology Design Challenge – Lincolnshire Show.

Key Stage 4

As well as a wide range of day visits such as Theatre Trips, Sporting Events, Field Work we also offer various residential trips which you will be notified of in the usual ways. They do change from year to year but a typical list is shown below.

A typical year of trips at KSHSSA :

France Trip Year 9 students

The History and Geography of Conflict

6 days  - 5 nights

Art Trip Holland   Year 10 – Year 13

Art study trip

4 days and 3 nights.

Language Exchange Trips

Students stay with pen-pal. Year10 - Year13

Usually 6 days – 5 nights. 

Drama Trip – London Year 10 – Year 13

2 days with an overnight stay.

Watch 2 West End shows and take part in workshops.

Germany – Berlin History Trip Year 11 Students

4 days and 3 nights

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions.  

Bronze, Silver and Gold

There are also opportunities to take part in World Challenge adventures and Ski Trips to the USA and Europe.

The expeditions are designed to teach life skills, stretch comfort zones and expand minds outside the classroom. Each expedition has been planned to foster team and leadership skills and the pre-expedition programmes sees young people learning about money management while fundraising their way to the experience of a lifetime. The skills that the students learned are aimed at helping them secure university places and impress future employers.

What is Operation Wallacea?

Operation Wallacea is an organisation funded by tuition fees that run a series of biological and conservation research programmes that operate in remote locations across the world. These expeditions are designed with specific conservation aims in mind-from identifying areas needing protection through to implementing and assessing conservation management programmes.  What is different about Operation Wallacea is that large teams of university academics who are specialists in various aspects of biodiversity or social and economic studies are concentrated at the target study sites giving the volunteers the opportunity to work on a range of projects.

Previous expeditions

  • 2013 Mexico
  • 2011 South Africa

What is World Challenge?

A World Challenge Adventure is much more than a school trip; it’s an educational youth development programme that culminates in an overseas expedition.  Expeditions run over one to two weeks and incorporate a mixture of orientation to the country, trekking and/or project work as well  as a period for rest and relaxation at the end to explore some sights and take part in activities like canoeing and white water rafting.

Pre –expedition studies are encouraged to learn about the destination and importantly take part in fund raising activities. On average students raise around 80% of the expedition fees themselves.  

Previous expeditions

  • 2014 Croatia and Macedonia
  • 2010 Peru
  • 2012 Vietnam and Cambodia

Ski Trip

5 days skiing and an overnight stay in New York.