Keele Parents Survey

Summary Findings

Many thanks to all parents who found time to complete and return the recent parents’ surveys.

Seeking the views of parents along with the views of other stakeholders is of real importance for informing our school self-evaluation process and plays a key part in our development planning for the year(s) ahead. This survey focused on your attitudes to your children’s school in the following areas:

Parents of 239 of our 766 pupils returned completed surveys; a return of 31%. The findings have so far been shared with the Leadership Team at the school, the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors and are on the agenda to discuss at the forthcoming Governing Body meeting. 94% of Pupils themselves completed their own surveys. The findings of these will be shared with them in assemblies before the end of this half term.

One of the most helpful details the Keele surveys provide is a national context. Using a database of replies from over 50,000 parents across a range of secondary schools we are able to monitor your comments against those of other schools nationally. Figures in brackets following the school figureindicate the average percentage of responses to the relevant question from the Keele parents’database. The first figure is, therefore, our school and the one in brackets, the database average.

School Standards at KSHSSA

A slightly lower than national percentage of 78% (85%) of you agree that the school recognises and rewards good work or behaviour so we will continue to look at ways to develop opportunities to celebrate this aspect of pupil work.

The School Environment and Provision at KSHSSA

An area you suggest you would like to see developed is the opportunity for your children to take more part in ‘out of hours’ services for pupils. We define these as clubs, activities and extra-curricular learning opportunities. 51% of you rated these as good (71%). This becomes a focus for development next academic year. In coming weeks we will keep you posted in the Newsletter as we start to make plans to communicate better with you about all the opportunities that exist for our students at lunchtimes, after school and extra curricularly.

Parental Involvement

Teaching and Learning

Your Child’s School Experience

Finally a big thank you to those parents who took time to write additional detail, whether that was to express your appreciation of individual aspects of your child’s experience at the school or to comment on something you would like to see improved. These comments have all been passed directly to the Headteacher and have been read and digested.

Mrs J Smith
Head of School