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Following the launch of the Robert Carre Trust, Governors converted from a Governing Board to a Local Governing Body to whom the leadership of the school is broadly delegated. The School's Local Governing Body is made up of nine Governors and the wider Trust is supported by five Trust Members and a Board of Directors.

Please address any queries to the Clerk to the Governors -Debbie Scott.

Attendance Record

To view the Governor's Attendance Record for 2017-18 click here

Members of the Local Governing Body

J Smith Staff (Head of School)  
N Gibbons Appointed Community (Chair) To Dec 2021
S Oakden Appointed Community To Jul 2021
D Hopkins Appointed Community (Vice-Chair) To Dec 2019
N Musson  Appointed Community To Jan 2023
J Pankhurst Elected Staff To Dec 2021
L Rooke Elected Staff To Nov 2020
R Wenman Elected Parent To Dec 2021
K Gill Elected Parent To March 2021

Governor Resignations

Y Short Resigned 19 January 2017
A Mobasheri Resigned 3 July 2017
A Parkes Resigned 31 August 2017
J Brearley Resigned 1 November 2018

Annual Accounts

The Academy’s Annual Accounts can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Part of the Robert Carre Trust

Since 2015 Kesteven & Sleaford High School has been part of the Robert Carre Trust. Subsequent financial statements can be found here on the Robert Carre Trust website. 

Value for Money Statement

The following Value for Money Statement demonstrates how the Academy Trust has achieved the best possible educational and wider societal outcomes through the economic, efficient and effective use of all of the trust’s resources.